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About Eksha Overseas Consultants

Studying abroad is a dream that many students grew up watching. The right guidance and support are what they need to make that dream come true.

At Eksha Overseas, we believe in providing students with assistance. Our objective is to make the path of higher education one step more convenient for students so they can plan a bright future for themselves. Therefore, our team of experienced counselors ensures that every student who comes to us gets the right recommendation and maximum satisfaction upon his query of studying abroad.

Why Eksha?

At Eksha, we endeavor to establish a student-centric platform that seamlessly helps and guides students in getting to the best colleges in the world. Our team of professional counselors works dedicatedly to give students an experience that matters the most to them while starting a new journey in life.
How Eksha Overseas Makes A Difference
How Eksha Overseas Makes A Difference
At Eksha Overseas Consulting, students are our heroes. Our vision, efforts, perseverance, and skills are dedicated to providing them with a lifetime of experience. By diving deep into each student’s queries and resolving them with their utmost satisfaction, we make a roadmap that helps them reach the zenith of their educational dreams. And not only the students, but our objective is also to give the parents a hassle-free experience from choosing the right college for their child to getting admission. It’s pure bliss watching them make the right decisions.
Our Experience
Our Experience
Our team of counselors has several years of experience in the field of advising students while they begin their higher education journey. When it is to getting admissions to the best colleges in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA, hundreds of students have benefitted from Eksha Overseas. We are always researching, learning, and finding information about the several aspects of studying in abroad to give our students the best resolutions. From finding institutions to choosing the next step after the course completion, we are there to help them make the right choice.
Why Choose Eksha Overseas Consultants?
Why Choose Eksha Overseas Consultants?
Trusting the best consultants in the pathway to achieving career success is among the best decisions you can take. So, if you’re planning higher education abroad, in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA, Eksha Overseas has to be your guiding support. Leaving no stone unturned, we, with necessary counseling, make sure that both the efforts and resources of the students are well-invested. This is why we constantly accumulate more and more information and keep ourselves updated to help solve the students’ queries. So, it's time to connect with us and explore the route to your career growth.

CA Ektha K
Managing director
Chartered Accountant by qualification
5+ years of experience in counseling

Ektha K is a Chartered Accountant by profession and the proud managing Director of Eksha Overseas Consultants. After earning good 5+ years in career counseling, she started with her dream project, Eksha. She is now helping students from across the country to find the best colleges abroad by catering to the necessary guidance and support the students seek to receive. Connect now.